Gaskets / Plates

HEX can supply gaskets and plates for most brands and manufacturers.  We can provide you with OEM or equivalent parts in a variety of rubber compounds for gaskets and metals for plates.  We can also work with you to increase the number of plates or provide spare plate packs.

Spare Plate Packs

Lost productivity may mean thousands of lost dollars for you.  Downtime can result from an unexpected heat exchanger failure or identification of bad plates during the normal cleaning process.  If your heat exchanger is critical to your process, we recommend having a spare plate pack.  Having a spare plate pack means that HEX can remove your plates currently in the heat exchanger and replace them with new gasketed plates in a matter of hours.  The dirty plate pack then goes through the cleaning process, and is regasketed and ready to go for the next rotation.  This is especially effective if you have several heat exchangers that are similar, as one spare plate pack can be used to rotate the many heat exchangers.  By having spare plates ready to go, you eliminate the risk of costly downtime resulting from turnaround time to clean and lead time on delivery of parts.