Flat Plate Exchangers

HEX is a full service heat exchanger company and services all makes and models of flat plate heat exchangers. We offer a complete chemical clean, wash on-site, or clean-in-place (CIP).  We can also supply new gaskets, plates, and related parts.

Chemical Clean

Chemically cleaning and regasketing provides complete reconditioning to help bring your heat exchanger to peak efficiency.

HEX will take care of the cleaning process from opening the heat exchanger to closing it back up.  Our chemical clean process involves:

  • Opening the unit
    Using our hydraulics, we can open the unit in a short amount of time
  • Removing plates and transporting them to our shop
    Careful logging of plates are noted to ensure original plate pack design
  • Visual inspection of the plates and removal of gaskets
    We will inspect the plates for any major corrosion to determine the necessity of reconditioning
  • Chemical bath immersion
    Plates are submerged in chemical baths to remove any fouling or scaling
  • Dye testing for plate integrity
    This will eliminate any plates with pinholes or cracks that could cause cross contamination and costly downtime
  • Gasket groove inspection and preparation
    Distortion of the grooves can be a source of leakage, but can often be fixed
  • Regasketing
    Plates are regasketed using a variety of bonding methods
  • Reassembly of plate pack into the frame
    Each heat exchanger has a specific plate arrangement that is followed
  • Closing the unit and testing for leaks
    Using our hydraulics, we will close the unit to manufacturer specifications

On-site Wash

In order to limit downtime, HEX is able to open your heat exchanger and wash the plates on-site.  We will:

  • Open the unit
  • Wash down both sides of the plate
  • Inspect gaskets and replace as needed
  • Close the unit and test for leaks

The advantage of washing on site is limited downtime.

Clean-in-Place (CIP)

One other option to clean your heat exchanger is clean-in-place (CIP).

HEX will bring our system to your facility and circulate the selected cleaner through the internals of the heat exchanger without having to disassemble the unit.

  • Select cleaner
  • Bring our CIP system to your facility
  • Circulate cleaner for the proper amount of time
  • Place unit back on-line

Preventative Maintenance Program

To enhance productivity, HEX offers preventive programs ranging from parts supply to complete re-conditioning at our Service Center. Deposits and scale left in the heat exchanger for a lengthy period of time can damage the plates, but regular preventative maintenance will prolong the life of your heat exchanger and provide you with heat transfer efficiency.

Frame Refurbishment

Also available is a full frame refurbishment including sandblasting and repainting.  We can also provide new tie bars if needed.